The EnexaPathUtils class, part of the Enexa Project, serves as a valuable utility for translating file paths between the ENEXA metadata graph and local file systems. This Java utility simplifies the process of converting paths, providing a seamless integration between ENEXA-specific path representations and their corresponding local file system equivalents.

Key Features

  1. Path Translation: Translate paths from the ENEXA metadata graph to their local representations and vice versa.
  2. Shared Directory Prefix: Recognize and handle paths with the specified shared directory prefix, enabling effective translation.
  3. Error Handling: Log errors if a local path is not within the specified shared directory, ensuring data integrity.


  • translateEnexa2LocalPath(String enexaPath, String sharedDir): Translate ENEXA path to local path.
  • translateLocal2EnexaPath(File localFile, String sharedDir): Translate local file to ENEXA path.
  • translateLocal2EnexaPath(String localPath, String sharedDir): Translate local path to ENEXA path.


String enexaPath = "enexa-dir://example/path";
String sharedDir = "/shared/directory/";
String localPath = EnexaPathUtils.translateEnexa2LocalPath(enexaPath, sharedDir);
System.out.println("Translated Local Path: " + localPath);

Note: Ensure that the shared directory is correctly specified to guarantee accurate path translations.